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Internship Program

The RIAA prides itself on being a fun and exciting place to work. It is also an excellent environment for students to learn about the music industry and intellectual property.

Each academic semester, the RIAA hosts a class of legal and undergraduate interns, offering students a chance to experience first-hand the many issues and projects we work on every day. An RIAA internship offers an invaluable opportunity to participate in the legal, antipiracy, public policy, communications and business affairs elements of our operations.

Legal Interns

Candidates will have completed at least 1 year of an accredited J.D. or LL.M. program. Anticipated responsibilities include research and writing related to the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights owned by U.S. record labels, and to policy and legislation impacting the recording industry. Interns will become familiar with many of the issues facing our business and will have the opportunity to work with some of the top copyright and enforcement experts in their respective fields. Legal interns will assist with the review and drafting of reports, studies, and other documents under the direction and guidance of supervising attorneys.

Undergraduate Interns

Candidates will have completed at least 1 year of an accredited undergraduate program. Interns will receive experience in the different departments of the RIAA, and will gain a better understanding of how the recording and broader music industry works, and of Intellectual Property in general. Interns may also have an opportunity to work on projects in our Gold & Platinum program.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Semester RIAA Internship Applications Due Term Decisions Issued
Fall Semester
early Sept.—early Dec.
mid-June July 1
Spring Semester
early Jan—early Apr.
mid-October November 1
Summer Semester
early June—late July
mid-March April 1



RIAA internships are unpaid and require verification of corresponding academic credit. Ideal candidates will have excellent research and writing skills, effective communications skills, and an interest in Intellectual Property enforcement, public policy and the music industry. Interns will generally work 15 to 20 hours a week, with opportunities for additional hours if desired.

If interested, please forward a cover letter and resume to the attention of Please confirm in your application that you will be able to receive academic credit from your academic institution for participating in an RIAA internship and that you understand the internship to be unpaid.