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RIAA Members

The following is a list of RIAA members (U.S. record companies that pay dues directly to RIAA) as well as record companies that have content distributed (“distributed labels”) by major recorded music companies (“majors”) in the U.S. The names of distributed labels are reported to RIAA periodically in connection with the collection of industry data. This list was last updated in January 2017.

Music services and other potential licensees should be aware that distributed labels who receive RIAA benefits because they are distributed by a major have not necessarily authorized the major to distribute or license all of that distributed label’s content, or in all formats. Whether or not a major is authorized to distribute or license for a distributed label is governed by the contractual terms between the major and the distributed label, and licensees should not rely on a label’s listing on this page as a substitute for specific inquiries concerning the scope of the major’s authorization from the distributed label.

For a list of membership benefits, please see Become A Member. If you are a distributed record label owner and don’t see your name on the list but would like to be added, or you would like to be removed from this list, please email

– Yes ( Part of Agreement)
?uestone Entertainment Group, LLC
“2 U” PS (Bieber/Guetta)
[PIAS] America
&D Almo Sounds                         
#justaregularday PS
10 Summers / Interscope PS
10 Summers Records, Inc. (Center JV)
10:22 PM (Center JV)
10:22 PM / UMLE
10:22PM – Alesso
10:22pm – Chantel Jeffries EP
10:22pm – Chantel Jeffries LP1
10:22PM – OMB Bloodbath
10:22PM UME
10:22PM/Def Jam
10:22PM/Follow Me/Republic
10:22pm/UMG Recordings, Inc.
1017 Global Music
11-7 Recording Corp
11-7 Recording Corp.
110 Records
11th Era LLC (Center JV)
11th Era LLC (General)
12 Tone
12 Tone Music, LLC
13 Records
143 Records
15 Passenger
15 Tones – Compilations
153 Entertainment Group
1720 Entertainment
1801 Records/Republic
19 Entertainment/Republic/BMLG
19 Recordings Inc. – La’Porsha Renae
19 Recordings, Inc./Mercury Nashville
19 Recordings/Interscope
1st and 15th Productions, Inc.
2.13.61 RECORDS
21 Entertainment
2101/Red One/Cash Money Records
22 Entertainment
22 Label Group/Awgust
220 Entertainment
222 Records
222 Records/Interscope
2273 Records
2786 – WMGD Elimination
2805 – ADA Adjs and Elims
2Chainz PS/Def Jam
2for2 LLC/Danny Rakow
2Pac – All Eyez on Me
2Pac – Better Dayz
2Pac – Pac’s Life
2Pac – Until The End of Time
2Pac + Outlawz – Still I Rise
2Pac Greatest Hits
2Pac- Best of (Part 2)
2wenty 2wenty Music Group Inc.
3 Legged Records
3 Prong Records
30 Days of Nights Records
300 Entertainment
311 Records
35 35 Entertainment
38 Special Records
3Dream Records
3V Method Partners Catalog
3V Method Partners, LLC
4 Star Records, LLC
4 West Records
432 Entertainment LLC
432 Records – Rob Cavallo & Rich Skillz
448 Music Group
456 Enterprises
4915 – The Living Tombstone
4Strikes, Inc.
4th & Broadway / Island
50 Cent/Interscope
5Towns Records
6131 Records
615 Production Music
618 Intl Entertainment
679 Recordings
6th Place Records
7-10 Music
71st St. Music
769 Entertainment                   
777 Music
78 and 3/4
7Bros. Records
7Hz Productions
8 Minutes 20 Seconds Records
80’s TV Classics
800 Pound Gorilla Records
808 State
852 Musiq
87 Music/Controlled Substance Sounds Labs
8th Impression Music
8th. Floor Productions, Inc
999 Deathkult, LLC