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May 21, 2015 | News Articles

Florida Governor signs “True Origin of Digital Goods” Act Into Law

The bill helps protect the music community and consumers from being ripped off online.

Florida Governor Rick Scott today signed SB 604, the True Origin of Digital Goods Act, legislation that would help Florida’s vital music community and better inform consumers searching for music online.

The bill was overwhelmingly passed by the Florida state legislature in April. It requires online retailers whose primary business is distributing commercial music and movies to provide their contact information on the site so consumers know who they are and how to contact the website owners. Physical retailers are already required to provide this information under state law.

Said Recording Industry Association of America Chairman & CEO Cary Sherman:

“This bill is a major step forward in preserving the integrity and transparency of today’s Internet environment. It helps provide consumers with important information so they can make the best decision when shopping for music online. Knowledge and information are important components of a savvy Internet user.

“This law should also provide a shot in the arm to a key driver of Florida’s culture and economy – the significant Latin music presence in the state, which has suffered a dramatic decline in the past 15 years. The law will help expose the shady retailers looking to profit off the hard-working artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and others involved in the chain of music creation. A little sunlight in the Sunshine State can go a long way, and that’s a welcome development for Florida’s music community.

“We wish to thank Governor Scott, Senator Anitere Flores, Rep. Jeanette Nuñez, and the rest of the Florida House and Senate members who were instrumental in passing this bill.”