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July 5, 2016 | News Articles

Mondo.NYC Announces Initial Content Tracks and Panels at Debut NYC Summit

Focus on Streaming, Music Publishing & Public Policy

RIAA Tapped As Programming Advisor For Conference

NEW YORK (July 5, 2016) – Mondo.NYC and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have announced a collaborative relationship to design and present multiple panels at the inaugural Mondo.NYC summit and festival to be held September 14-18 at New York University’s Helen and Martin Kimmel Center and at music venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Among a broad spectrum of topics connecting innovators in music, technology and content in a shared mission to empower artists and advance ideas in an ever-evolving music business, Mondo.NYC will feature 11 panels presented over the three-day business summit concentrating on the topics of music streaming, music publishing and music-related policy. Conference organizers consulted leaders from across the music business, including the RIAA, to devise an informative and substantive discussion on many of the key issues confronting the modern music industry. Business leaders from the worlds of music and technology will offer their insights on these and related topics.

Mondo.NYC’s Managing Director Bobby Haber states, “As we launch Mondo for leaders and pioneers in the music, technology and media industries, we are honored to present a slate of mission critical panels in collaboration with the RIAA. The RIAA’s expertise and mission is ever more crucial today as the volatile music space enters an exciting new era, rife with challenges and opportunities.”

“There are so many critical, complex and challenging issues facing today’s music community,” said Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA. “Now more than ever, our community would greatly benefit from a thoughtful and informed conversation. We’re pleased to work with Bobby and the Mondo team on what should be an essential conference for anyone working in the music business.”

Announced Mondo.NYC tracks include:

1. The Current State of the Streaming Marketplace
(NYU Professor Larry Miller will examine current practices in the streaming marketplace including windowing, holdbacks, exclusives and more.)

Making Streaming Work for the Music Industry
(A leading voice in the negotiation of music business deals will identify goals and obstacles related to developing a successful digital ecosystem that works for those who create and invest in music.)

How Are Today’s Streaming Services Giving Consumers What They Want?
(What do we know about the music consumer today, and how is consumer demand changing? A leading expert on music consumer data will join with a panel of today’s leading streaming platform executives to provide answers.)

The Impact of Government Regulation on the Streaming Marketplace
(Who gets paid and what are the different mechanisms depending on which digital platform delivers music to consumers? A group of experts will explain the labyrinth of regulations governing music licensing.)

Revenue and Licensing: Where are Rates and Data Headed?
(What will happen with royalty rates for reproductions and performances of musical works in the next round? How will calls for accurate data to assist in music licensing be resolved? A panel of experts will offer insight and ideas.)

Can Musical Work Licensing Be Simplified?
(The U.S. Copyright Office Report on music licensing made several suggestions to simplify the process of musical work licensing. The Copyright Office and industry experts will offer ideas and potential remedies.)

The PRO Consent Decrees: Where Do We Go From Here?
(The U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to announce its interpretation of and potential modifications to existing consent decrees governing the biggest performing rights organizations. What is the fallout? A panel of representatives from the most affected organizations and companies will debate.)

Public Policy Update and Overview: What Are the Music Industry’s Biggest Policy Issues in Washington?
(What is the music industry asking Washington to do, and what can Congress accomplish? The industry’s representatives in the nation’s capital will set the stage.)

The European Union and Music Policy: Will Europe Set the Course?
(What is happening in the European Union that could have a profound effect on the music industry? European music industry and political experts will explain.)

The Future of Notice & Takedown: What’s Next?
(Thousands of artists have weighed in on the music community’s frustration with the notice and takedown system of the DMCA, saying it does not work for creators. Is there a way to address these concerns? What are the next steps? A panel of industry experts will give both points of view.)

The DOJ Consent Decree Determination: What Does It Mean for Congress and Stakeholders?
(Now that the Department of Justice has weighed in, what will Congress do, if anything? Experts in Washington will predict.)
Platform Parity: Is it Time for New and Old Technologies to Be Treated the Same Way?

(Different music platforms, from FM radio to satellite radio to Internet radio to interactive services are each subject to different laws and policies made at different times in history. The “Fair Play Fair Pay Act” in Congress proposes to treat everyone the same. Members of Congress trying to change the law and those satisfied with the current system will argue their different perspectives.)

Additional Mondo tracks to be announced in the coming weeks include The Artist, The Songwriter, Global Trends, VR, Artist Discovery, Radio, Live Music Business, Video, Visual & Design, Data & Analytics, Digital Frontiers and more. (All Mondo.NYC panels and participants are subject to change.)

Pre-registration discount badges are available now at For more information about Mondo.NYC, including additional panels, live music showcases and special events please visit http://www.Mondo.NYC.

About Mondo.NYC:
Mondo.NYC, an annual festival, business summit, and digital platform bringing together music, technology and innovation, launches September 14–18, 2016 in New York City, the music capital of the world and epicenter for startup and iconic tech, media and content businesses. Mondo is a three-day global business summit and five-day live music showcase, with daytime summit headquarters at New York University and nighttime artist showcases at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mondo will be supported by a year-round digital data, content and industry/artist community at http://www.Mondo.NYC.

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