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September 30, 2013 | Music Notes Blog

Our Take On The Free Market Royalty Act

Representative Mel Watt (D-N.C.) today introduced the Free Market Royalty Act, legislation that would (among other things) effectively establish a performance right for terrestrial broadcast radio.

The modern music market is dynamic, innovative, and driven by consumer demand. Today, fans have unprecedented choices for getting the music they want in the way they want it, including new online and mobile platforms. But a healthy and vibrant marketplace cannot be sustained when those involved in creating the music that captivates fans are unable to receive fair market value for their work. Historical anomalies that can no longer be justified now result in an uneven commercial playing field favoring certain platforms and businesses over others.

We appreciate Congressman Watt’s commitment to addressing the antiquated laws and subsidies that favor traditional businesses and constrain today’s marketplace. All platforms for which music is the central ingredient should pay for the music that drives their business. It is time to redress these wrongs to ensure rights holders and those who create music are compensated fairly.

Cara Duckworth Weiblinger
VP, Communications, RIAA