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May 5, 2016 | Music Notes Blog

The RIAA Revenue and Shipment Database is Back!

Thank you to everyone for their patience as we have updated the RIAA Revenue and Shipments online database. Users of this data know that this database has not been accessible for a few months, but we are now happy to announce that the wait is over.  The database is back with some extra bells and whistles we think you’ll like.

We have partnered with data visualization company Graphiq to present this data in new and more interesting and useful ways.  The charts now have better tools to allow custom views of the data, and a much improved ability to export charts for sharing on social media.  For example, try clicking on the magnifying glass and then dragging over sections of the chart to select a subset of years.  Another cool feature – if you click on the names of specific formats (like CD, Download Album, etc.), the chart will zoom in on just that format.  Then, clicking on other formats adds that data as well, so you can build your own custom views.

Of course the charts still include historical industry information all the way back to 1973, broken out by format for unit volumes, total dollars, and inflation adjusted dollars.  As always, we encourage readers to utilize this data and these graphics. Note that permission to cite or copy these statistics is automatically granted, as long as proper attribution is given to the Recording Industry Association of America.

We hope you find these new tools useful, and that they were worth the wait!

Josh Friedlander
SVP Strategic Data Analysis