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April 23, 2015 | CEO's Corner

World IP Day: Get Up, Stand Up. For Music.

RIAA Chairman & CEO Cary Sherman – himself a musician – reflects on how music drives culture, the personal impact it has had on his life, and music’s broad appeal in a short video produced for the World Intellectual Property Organization.

“It’s such a universal language…I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like music.”

In the video, Sherman speaks about the importance of copyright to livelihoods of music creators.

“When people create music, it’s a job. And they need to be able to get paid for it, they need to be able to support their family, they need to be able to send their kids to school. It’s a form of property that needs to be protected – that’s what copyright is.”

In between playing a medley of songs on the piano, Sherman also offers his take on ‘mood music’ and the unique ability of a song to capture or inspire a feeling.

“It’s about having something that is this force that you can use any time you want to lift you up or inspire you or change your mood, or affect social change. Music drives our culture.”

We hope that during this ‘musical’ World IP Day, you will join us and countless others across the globe to reflect on what music means to you and the special moments in your life where music played a unique role.

Happy World IP Day, this Sunday, April 26!