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2024 | Industry Economics

Nashville Music Industry: Impact, Contribution and Cluster Analysis | MC2

Nashville is both the commercial center and the showcase of musical talent, performance and delivery. No other U.S. city is so linked to music production and performance as an identity, and none has as broad a base of genres involved at so many industry levels.

The past 60 years have delivered enormous growth to Nashville through an industry that provides entertainment for tens of millions of consumers. The future suggests a much wider range of ways the music industry will impact Nashville as the city and region increasingly become a major economic force and focal point in the nation and the world.

Key Findings

  • The music industry supports more than $3.2 billion of labor income annually.
  • In 2012, there were over 8,300 music-industry jobs in the Nashville area, with an average annual earning of $72,382.
  • Nashville’s music industry contributes $5.5 billion to the local economy, for a total output of $9.7 billion within the Nashville area.
  • Research shows that three top U.S. locations accounted for 38.5 percent of all music establishments in 2000.
  • Within the top 10 locations, 52.6 percent of activity occurs; 63.9 percent is concentrated within the top 20.

Source: Dr. Garrett Harper, Chris Cotton, Music City Music Council (MC2)